Yellow Card FAQs

Why do I need a Yellow Card?

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations (referred to as Occupational Health and Safety or OSH/OHS in WA and VIC) state that employers or businesses have a legal obligation under work health and safety laws to provide their staff, visitors, and contractors with a safe workplace.

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If I have a Licence to perform high-risk work class WP why do I need a yellow card to operate a scissor lift?

The high risk licence is a Worksafe requirement for boom-type EWPs that reach more than 11m. You must hold this licence to use this type of machine.

The yellow card is a course designed for EWPs that do not require a high risk licence, including scissor lifts (even if they do go above 11m).

There are some sites that will want a high risk licence for any type of EWP whether it be a boom-type or scissor-type. Then there are sites that want the yellow card because this is specific to scissor lifts and the two machines are different. Different sites have different rules. Even if in the high risk licence course scissor lifts and vertical lifts are used for part of the training there is no proof of this, the high risk licence clearly says on the back of the card “Boom Type Elevating Work Platform”.

When I did my Licence to perform high-risk work course the trainer told me that it would cover all EWP’s including scissor lifts?

How does the trainer that told you this know what every site requirement is? This may be the case sometimes, but not always.

On some building sites or mine sites, they will ask for a Licence to perform high-risk work to use a scissor lift. This is their site requirement. The next site may ask for a yellow card to use a scissor lift. This is their site requirement. Site requirements vary from site to site.

EWP Operator Licence / Yellow Card Overview

The Yellow Card Training Program has been designed for people needing to develop the skills and knowledge required to operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs or commonly known as EWPs). The course will provide training in the safe use of various types of elevated work platforms including boom-type MEWPs with boom lengths under 11 meters. Participants may complete singular or multiple modules, depending on the type of EWP they will be operating.

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Renewing your expired EWPA Yellow Card

EWPA Yellow Cards produced after 1 July 2013 have a photo ID and 5-year expiry. If you hold the photo ID version of the EWPA Yellow Card you are eligible to renew your Yellow Card. You will be emailed 30 days prior to the expiry date to notify you that your card is about to expire with Instructions on how to renew your EWPA Yellow Card.

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Old and New Yellow Card Programs Clarification

The old yellow card program was originally designed as Duty of Care Training and was a toolbox-style delivery. The content was driven by industry needs and assisted in meeting duty of care requirements under the OHS / WHS Acts and regulations in place during this period.

In July 2013 the Yellow Card Training Program was updated to closely align with the requirements of the state’s WHS/OHS Acts and Regulations. New course changes were applied.

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Old Yellow Cards (pre July 2013) no longer being reissued

Current WHS/OHS Regulations require that operators of plant equipment must undergo activity-based instruction and training. As a result, as of 30 November, 2021 Old Yellow Cards will not be replaced/reissued by the EWPA, and the EWPA encourages holders of these old cards to update their Yellow Card and receive current MEWP Operator Training.

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Restricted Yellow Cards for under 18

The EWPA Yellow Card industry training programs allow for the participation of young workers such as trainees, apprentices or labourers, and to issue with evidence of training through a restricted Yellow Card.

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Licencing Matrix for EWPs in Australia

Mobile Elevating Work Platform Licensing and Duty of Care Training Requirements by State/Territory.

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EWPA Policy Online Training

The EWPA has been made aware of Operator Training Courses being offered online. The EWPA does not support this type of training for first-time users of EWP’s and members need to be aware of this and to ensure their customers are also aware. The EWPA does not believe training in the safe use of an EWP can be learned from a computer screen or a book, which lacks any formal practical training.


EWPA Advanced Boom course overview

This training course is suitable for people who already hold a WP Class High-Risk Work Licence (Boom Liftover 11m) and require familiarisation with Advanced Boom Lifts.

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MEWP Supervisor course overview

Elevating Work Platforms are recognised as one of the safest means of providing temporary access to the high-risk activity of work at height. The Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Supervisor course is designed specifically for people who are currently in, or working towards, a supervisor or safety officer/manager role, where they may have responsibility for planning, supervising, or managing the safe use of Elevating Work Platforms.

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Yellow Card Participant with Inadequate reading and writing skills

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms and Telescopic Materials Handlers require operators to have a thorough understanding of the risks associated with using them. This includes being able to read and understand technical information such as instructions for controls and emergency lowering systems, wind speed ratings, gradeability, rated capacity, load computers, load charts, operators manuals, and logbook checklists.

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